Kaszazz Creative Club

You can keep right up-to-date with everything Kaszazz, and occasionally receive a special offer or even a FREEbie, by joining the Kaszazz Creative Club (KCC for short).

Member Benefits

Members of KCC receive (by email):
  • Notification of Kaszazz host and customer promotions
  • Notification of new products
  • Priority invitation to Kaszazz events (such as Team Training Days and National Conference)
  • Occasional tips and techniques
  • Occasional notification when stunning new customer event projects are added to the Kaszazz website
  • Occasional FREE Kaszazz Vouchers (can only be spent with a Kaszazz consultant)
  • Occasional opportunities to be in the draw to win some great Kaszazz prizes
Privacy Policy

Privacy of KCC members is very important to Kaszazz so all KCC members are protected by the Kaszazz customer privacy policy - Kaszazz may contact you from time to time with new product news and special offers. Other than if you ask Kaszazz to provide your contact details to an independent Kaszazz consultant, Kaszazz will not provide your name and contact details to any other individual or organisation.

Easy to Join

Joining KCC is super easy - just visit www.kaszazz.com/ and click on the Kaszazz Creative Club link. You only need to enter your name, email address and a contact phone number.

Easy to Unsubscribe

It will always be very easy for any KCC member to "unsubscibe" if they wish. Every email sent to KCC members will advise how this can be done.

Once a KCC member has unsubscribed, Kaszazz will not contact them again unless they rejoin by signing back up on the Kaszazz website.

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